In this paper, we will define programmatic, cut through some of the jargon, and provide a framework for talent acquisition teams to get a better grasp on programmatic as the best way to improve outcomes from their advertising spend on job sites.

With hiring organizations spending nearly a third - and sometimes more - of their recruiting budget on job sites, getting 10, 20, or 30% additional hires out of the same budget is massively impactful. Today, the fastest route to accomplishing this is by layering programmatic technology onto the job site market and other places where job seekers live, work, and play online. Adding programmatic ensures you get the hires you need by reaching across the entire job-seeking market and efficiently using your existing job ad budget.

90% of hiring organizations who try programmatic never go back!

(Source: Aptitude Research)

Programmatic eliminates many of the manual processes that exist within job advertising and enables recruiting teams to spend more time focusing on people because they get more of the right people (hires), faster, and across all of their open roles. Plus, programmatic recruiting facilitates more data and insights around what works and what doesn’t and provides accountability for how, when, and where budget is spent.

Programmatic is not a new concept; the general advertising world has been using it for years. But recruiting presents its own challenges, and for many employers, both the rise of programmatic recruitment and the challenges of the labor market have introduced as many questions as it has provided answers.

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