What Does Programmatic Look Like in Practice?

In the context of job ads and hiring, combining the below elements, programmatic technology is the automation of these different elements to accomplish a set of hiring goals you might have. It can sit across a number of job sites (or better yet, a job ad exchange) to understand the interplay of all of these candidate sources to ensure an effective strategy that drives the candidates you need, across the jobs that you need candidates for.

Programmatic technology provides an intermediary “check and balance” between your ATS and candidate sources (job sites, ad exchanges, social platforms, etc) to dictate which jobs go to which sites at what price, which are determined by the market data and rules that it has been equipped with. It can control for candidate flow when increases are needed or stop the flow when the target number of candidates has been acquired. Much like autopilot in a plane, it auto-adjusts speed and the degree of the wings to reach the goal altitude and arrival time.

Here’s a quick description of what's happening in the image above:

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