#2 Benchmark Your Current Performance

Before you make any plans for your seasonal hiring goals, it’s important to benchmark your current recruitment marketing performance.

Baseline critical recruiting metrics such as CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per application), and Apply Rate. Then, use the Appcast Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report to see how you stack up against your hiring competition. You can even use your current metrics to create a realistic budget for your seasonal hiring plan, bearing in mind that tough competition during seasonal hiring tends to increase candidate acquisition costs.

It's important to note that CPA costs vary by job function.

Warehousing and Retail industries both see an approximate 40% CPA increase for postings during the holiday season.

2022 Midyear Recruiting Trends & Predictions

Hear Appcast Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, interpret the latest hiring and unemployment data and explain why apply rates and CPAs vary tremendously by the different types of job functions.

Want to learn more about benchmarking? Check out Appcast’s 2022 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.

Bottom line: Understanding your performance metrics will allow you to clearly define your budgetary needs for seasonal hiring.

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