#1 Understand Your Talent Competition

Seasonal hiring is unique and challenging. For example, if you’re a retail company looking for candidates, be aware that you’re not just competing with other retail companies, you’re also competing with other industries. Many of your roles have transferable skills and candidates are aware of that.

In order to compete effectively...

You should research and understand what other organizations are providing: how they’re advertising their seasonal roles, what benefits they’re offering, what they’re paying, etc. Then, remember to communicate that information in your own posts! Including benefits in job ads makes a difference when it comes to candidate attraction.

Job ads that include one or more benefits have an aggregate apply rate 22% higher than job ads with no benefits.

(Source: Appcast Research)

Did you know that, according to Lightcast, many of the top employers with “seasonal” or “holiday” terms in their job postings are retail competitors? And many of those competitors increase their postings starting in September. So while it’s important to mark November 27th on your calendar, you really need to start sooner!

Bottom line: You may need to rethink what you’re offering potential candidates (benefits, pay, bonuses, etc) and how you’re communicating that to them in your recruitment marketing.

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