#6 Improve Your Job Ad Content to Attract the Right Candidates

To attract candidates to your open seasonal roles, it’s important to review your job ads to better align both the content and the wording of the ads to candidates’ expectations and preferences.

Job Titles

Ensure your job titles have between 1-3 words. Appcast Research found that job ads with shorter titles perform better than job ads with longer titles.

Job Benefits

Communicate the benefits of your seasonal job. Appcast Research found that mentioning three benefits in job ads is the “sweet spot.”

Job Language

Words matter. It’s important to recognize how job ad wording choices impact recruitment advertising outcomes. Appcast conducted research on gendered wording and found that job ads with gender-neutral language (i.e., language that does not contain "masculine-" or "feminine-" coded words) result in more applications and lower CPAs. What does this mean? Use gender-neutral wording in your seasonal job ads.

Want to know if your job ad is gender-biased? Check out our Gender Bias Decoder tool.

Gender-neutral job ads result in 29% more applications per job compared to ads with both male and female-coded words.

(Source: Appcast Research)

3 Tips to Achieve Better Outcomes from Your Job Ads

Appcast CEO, Chris Forman, discusses the importance of well-written job ads, keeping your online application short, and casting a wide net.

For more on job ad content, check out our whitepaper, Best Practices in Job Ad Content.

Bottom line: Small changes in a job ad’s title and language can have a huge impact. Finding the right candidates is more important than ever!

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