#7 Leverage Programmatic Technology to Facilitate Scale and Optimization of These Tips

When it comes to seasonal hiring, filling your recruitment funnel with a large volume of candidates is critical. Programmatic job advertising ensures your online job ads are in front of the right people, at the right time, at the best possible price so you can hire candidates, fast.

What is programmatic technology?

Programmatic job advertising is the buying, placement, and optimization of job ads performed by software, rather than people. You may also hear it referred to as programmatic recruitment advertising, programmatic recruitment, or programmatic recruitment technology.

Use sourcing channels that allow you to cast a wide net and target candidates who are likely interested in seasonal work. Programmatic job advertising software gives you access to a talent pool that you couldn’t reach otherwise.

Using programmatic recruitment technology to optimize your job advertising efforts means you eliminate some of the manual tasks and guesswork associated with traditional methods of posting jobs online (most notably on job sites). This technology is especially useful for organizations in need of seasonal hires, as getting qualified hires as quickly as possible is ultimately the goal.

90% of hiring organizations who try programmatic never go back!

(Source: Aptitude Research)

Bottom line: Your candidates are everywhere online. Your job ads should be too. Programmatic technology can help.

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