#5 Shorten Your Apply Process

Candidates want a shorter application process. It’s that simple. If your application is too lengthy, you might be missing out on top candidates!

Need proof?

Most online job applications take more than 15 minutes to complete. However, Appcast research found that an apply time of less than 5 minutes results in a higher apply rate. Why does this matter? Shortening your apply process simply leads to more applications.

How can you shorten your apply process? Optimize for mobile.

When it comes to the apply process, mobile is taking over. Appcast research found that more candidates now apply for jobs using a mobile device, rather than a desktop device. As people continue to perform more and more tasks on mobile devices, they bring their consumer behavior and expectations to their job-seeking habits. Which boils down to this: Recruitment success depends largely on mobile apply times. You should adapt and optimize your mobile application process accordingly.

How can you ensure that you have a world-class mobile candidate experience?

Test your application process on a mobile phone. Can you upload a resume easily? Do all the form fields work? Can you submit an application once it’s been completed? Most companies see apply rates drop by as much as 95% when a job seeker attempts to apply on mobile.

Want more ways to shorten your apply process? Try one of these:

  • Make resume upload optional or, if a resume is required, don’t ask applicants to also manually fill out their work history.
  • Remove any requirements for a social security number, driver’s license, or any other personal data aside from a name, email address, and phone number.
  • Save in-person-type questions for the screening interview.
  • For retail and food service, don’t ask applicants to manually fill out their availability for every shift.

For more tips on optimizing for mobile, check out our whitepaper, How to Create a World-Class Mobile Candidate Experience.

Bottom line: Just like you want to hire quickly, candidates want to apply quickly. Shortening your apply process and optimizing for mobile will produce more applies.

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