#3 Extend Your Reach

Look beyond just a handful of the same old job sites. You won’t find all of your desired candidates in the same place.

One way to extend your reach? Try a job ad exchange.

A job ad exchange – a digital marketplace comprised of different types of job sites, consumer sites, niche and social sites – is a great source of candidates for companies advertising their seasonal jobs. Ad exchanges allow you to spread your jobs across a network of thousands of sites – rather than just one job board or aggregator – to reach more candidates likely interested in seasonal work.

Another way to extend your reach? Harness the power of social media.

The best way to find candidates is to meet them where they’re at. And in most cases nowadays, that’s on social media. Look at these stats from SproutSocial.

of job seekers use social media when conducting a job search

of professionals follow companies on social media to stay aware of job opportunities

of recruiters expect social media recruiting activities to increase

So how should you use social media for recruiting?

  1. Ensure that you have a good social media presence (company accounts are active and engaging).
  2. Establish your company brand by highlighting employee culture and values.
  3. Determine which sites to use based on your target candidates and their media habits.
  4. Encourage existing employees to post about job openings – there is no better advocate for your company than happy employees!

Bottom line: The best candidates won’t all be on one job site; diversify your reach to get better hiring results.

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